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ISI Sports is a Global provider of turnkey Race and Sportsbook solutions. We provide traditional Sportsbooks, automated self-service Sportsbooks via the iSports Stand, the one of kind iSports Console, Mobile Wagering, In-Play wagering, Pari-mutuel race wagering and many other unique Sports wagering products and configurations.

ISI Sports can set up a white-labeled service under the name of your facility while providing the risk management behind the scenes. The casino only pays the winning tickets.

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turnkey Sportsbook systems

We provide the Race & Sportsbook software, hardware and the line management services you need to get your Sportsbook up and running in no time.

We can turnkey your race and Sportsbook so you don’t have the hassle of buying expensive back-end servers and software and the expense of hiring risk management staff.

ISI Sports runs the book while it is white label as the casino’s book. From behind the scenes, all lines and risk are managed by the ISI Sports office. The casino only pays the winning tickets.

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iSports Stand

Automated, Self-service Sportsbook

iSports Console

Sports wagering with video poker and slots

Traditional Writer Stations

We provide the hardware and training

Mobile and Account Wagering

Wagering from Mobile Devices

In-Play Wagering

Real Time Wagering on In Progress Events

Parimutuel Racing

Parimutuel Horse and Dog Racing

Tools for Bettors

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